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by Mindy Gledhill

A fun, quirky song about my fantasy to travel the world with the man I love. Produced by acclaimed LA-based, Canadian producer, Stuart Brawley (Michael Jackson, Lenka).
Uploaded: May 22, 2010
Duration: 2m 58s

Comments for California

Portrait of Mindy Gledhill
Thank you so much for those of you who took the time to vote and for all your words of encouragement! The music from all the artists on here has been amazing and I'm a new fan to so many of them. Best of luck to all you lovely ladies in the top five!

Portrait of Kirk7102
I have a confession - I produced the song, and I came here and voted twice for Mindy. I also voted for 3 other artists that I thought were good. And while I was doing it, my dog asked me to vote for for Mindy on his behalf too, which I did. So technically one vote should be removed from Mindy's tally, as it was on behalf of a dog. A dog with great taste, but a dog nevertheless.

Portrait of Kari S
Mimi Pirate.... oh what do we do with you? I don't understand how you can question what my name is. My posts clearly explain. Do you have a conspiracy theory? Do you think one day I am Kari and one day I am Emily? Let me set the record straight and in simple terms that you can understand. I am Kari. My daughter is Emily. She left her facebook profile up, which automatically logs me into Lillith Fair with her profile, even on a different tab. I didn't realize this until after I had posted it. And I corrected the mistake and posted that under my name. Even so what proof is that of cheating? And hmmm, as you say, just what does make that so interesting? I said my daughter wanted to vote, so she did and has a profile that shows up here. When responding to your accusations, I certainly would never have posted under her name intentionally, knowing how vindictive you are. I have explained over and over that my son voted with me using his account. You probably think that I am lying about my son liking Mindy, but he really does. As a family, we went to Mindy's concert in AZ that was a fundraiser for her friend and friend's husband that were terribly injured in a plane crash. I even bought an extra ticket and brought a friend. My daughter falls asleep every night to Golden Slumbers that Mindy sang on a compilation album. My son sings along to it when I play it on my computer. My kids know the words to her songs. Regardless, I should not have to justify the existence of my children nor their preference in music.

For some reason you have decided to single out Mindy, most likely in hopes that you will disqualify her so one of your favorites will win. Hmmm, I smell a rat. Cheating by way of multiple false allegations (or allegations that have been addressed to explain the entire story, not just a short blurb on a blog) in order to have your favorite artist win. You are guilty of the very thing that you accuse me and other Mindy fans of doing. Take a screen shot of that

It seems no one has taken your bait to have the screen shot sent to them, except for me. You won't send it to me. I asked for the administrator’s email address from you and you won’t post it. When I have personally addressed you, you won't respond to me. If you are naive enough to think that other fans of other artists didn't do the same thing when voting, you are mistaken. That is why the contest was structured like it was, voting 4 at a time and a mandatory 15 seconds before ranking that artist. But like someone said, it is impossible to spend 10 hours a day voting, at least for me it is. I just don't understand why you refuse to believe the answers for which you asked.

I truly believe that if you contact Lillith Fair and complain, and when they look at all your accusations and then read the explanations, I don't think they will believe you. They know that no matter what the fans' rules are that the artists can't control the fans. In addition to addressing your concerns and when they see the positive comments I have made to most all the artists, that it will only make you seem vindictive and unbelievable. I think you have shot yourself in the foot by doing what you did. It's called Karma. Take another screen shot.

I find it hard to hate you, b/c I feel that someone that is so willing to accuse without all the facts, then deny the facts after they are explained, and overall not ever have anything nice to say must be a person that is not happy with themselves. Clearly you are not finding happiness at Lillith Fair, so maybe it’s time to move on and find something that does make you happy. Best of luck to you in the real world

Kari (again, remember, NOT Emily

Hang in there Mindy! We all know you are #1. Love this song and cannot wait for the new album!

Portrait of mysticshadowfire
One more thing: You have seen a lot of my comments calling you out on various bands, Mimi and you saw me ask for everyone to please have respect for the artists. Since I am standing up for Mindy, you probably think that I am in league with her. Let me clear that up right now... I am not in her fan club camp but clearly voted for her (among many others

I looked at my profile and this is what it saysbased on the faq i read

Judging Excellence
An Influencer is a thoughtful, honest judger who judges actively. S/he wants to have a voice in the world of new music and help the most talented artists in the community rise to the top. S/he truly enjoys the responsibility of influencing artists' careers, which inspires him/her to judge more than most

Judging Influence: Judges Frequentl
Listens to songs: Sometimes for 15 seconds, often longe
When Judging: is very thoughtfu
When battling Sort4: Cares about the first two slots same as last tw
When asked to "vote for me": appreciates the passion but votes thoughtfully based on how he feel

I am sorry the person you voted for did not win..but do not try and cry wolf when there is none and badmouth the person who did win. In my eyes, there are many winners, not just one
Every artist here has gained a large exposure and have picked up many new fans. Many fans picked up new favorite artists

Portrait of mysticshadowfire
I have been here a good while and I have seen nothing but rancid vapid comments by mimi tossed around at every artist except for two. Every single artist he doesnt like, he trashes. He even gloated about how much he liked being the bad guy in one of his posts. He took thrill and saw value in being the most hated person in this competition.

His comments have not been directed solely at Mindy, but at every artist except the two that are his "Favorites".

When I voted in the contest, I saw many great bands and many great artists. Some I thought were greater than others and some i liked to one degree or another. There was only one band in all of them that i didnt like. After listening to all the artists music, i voted as my heart saw fit. Just because I liked Mindy's music the most, didnt make me hate all the others - Just the opposite.

I saw a handful of new artists which produced music that I intend on purchasing. Liking one artist does not mean that I cannot patronize other artists as well.

What Mimi is trying to do is trash and tear down every single artist except the one that he wants to win and for me to standby and let that happen is not something that I want to do

Portrait of Mindy Gledhill
Hey there. Mimi, your opinions have been made clear in your previous posts (which I will leave up for all the world to see). Any future posts you make are no longer necessary and I will remove them. Thanks for apologizing to my fans for calling them "sniveling worms." Take care.

Portrait of haileyjs
I feel like I should clarify that I meant friends and family members using individual accounts. I really don't believe someone would spend their entire day voting using multiple accounts. I'm sure whoever made a comment on her blog was joking around, because who could afford to spend ten hours voting on a website?

Portrait of haileyjs
I'm pretty sure it's a valid point that many of the contestants have family members and close friends working around the clock to get them votes. There's nothing in the system that prevents someone from doing that, similar to the way that phone-in vote reality shows let people call as many times as they want. If someone did vote for Mindy using multiple accounts, then they certainly sacrificed hours and hours of their day to do so. I came to the site to vote for Mindy when she first joined and I voted for 1.5 hours before her name even came up! In a period of two hours, I was only able to vote for her three times. And I only used one account. I guess what I'm saying is, I'd be surprised if someone actually spent their whole day using different accounts to vote for Mindy. Anyone who voted for any contestant on here sacrificed their time. So I'm sure people who wanted to see Mindy win made sure they spent the time voting fairly to see that happen.

Portrait of mimi_pirate
Apologies for the term 'snivveling worms'. That was out of line.

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Portrait of Mindy Gledhill
Mindy Gledhill