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About L.TeL

Baltimore, MD


Although born in London,England L.TeL has spent most of his teenage and adult life in the United States and has taken his influences from traditional American Hip Hop, with East coast rap being his main source of influence.  Religiously following the likes of Nas, Talib Kwali, Wu-Tang, Mob Deep, Kool G rap and many more east coast rappers mainly from the 90's.  
L.TeL has also been influenced by many other forms of Hip Hop around the country including many of the influential West coast greats.  However, at the end of the day the east coast is where L.TeL's heart lies as far as lyrical style goes.  L.TeL takes an east coast style approach to his rhymes and flow but also often takes inspiration to west coast beats which makes for a completely different sounding style of rap compared to what people are used to listening to today.  Also the fact that L.TeL was born in the U.K. makes for a nice twist to his sound, but still staying completely true to the American Hip Hop culture.
Tupac was one of L.TeL's earlier idols, religiously following Tupac's every move and every record release.  L.TeL, like many others would take great inspiration from Tupac and his music, finding his words powerful and life altering.  Young at the time,  L.TeL would aspire later on to write his own meaningful rhymes when it came time for him to record.  
Not just being a fan of Tupac's music, L.TeL was also a fan of how hard Tupac worked for his career. L.TeL would vow to some day reach the same level of work ethic that Tupac had reached.  Never stopping the hustle, never bowing to the struggle.
Even though Tupac played a huge role in L.TeL's earlier life L.TeL wasn't really the one to care for the commercial ways of Hip Hop and would follow many underground rappers of the 90's and early 2000's instead.  
Philly underground group, Jedi Mind Tricks being one of the underground greats that L.TeL would be influenced by.  Particularly taking inspiration from Jedi Mind Tricks frontman, Vinnie Paz.  With Vinnie's witty, powerful word play and political jabs L.TeL would be inspired to step up to that level of skill and lyricism in his own work.
"If you asked me on the spot to name the best top three lyricists ever in the game, I'd say in my opinion that Vinnie Paz would be my first pick as number one." -L.TeL
Conscious rap and lyrical content has always been a must for L.TeL when listening to artists and as an artist himself.
L.TeL started rapping and writing for the first time in the late 90's and didn't actually "officially" record anything until the early 2000's.  Rapping at house parties with his friends is pretty much all L.TeL did early on in his career not taking a serious approach on it until 2003 when L.TeL attempted to record his first ever Mix-tape.  
Due to the lack of support and budget L.TeL was forced to release a poorly produced product on to the internet receiving very few reviews, however recieving somewhat of a street buzz around his area.  Being Pre-Myspace and facebook era there wasn't much to go from on the internet as far as marketing music etc. 
 With the failure of his first Mix-tape being a couple of years in the past, L.TeL would make another attempt at recording his work.  This was now post Myspace era, and L.TeL found it easier to market his music on the internet as did millions and millions of others.  This time around L.TeL received many reviews and got a lot of exposure, getting over 100,000 profile views and over a 1,000,000 plays of his songs.  At the time things were looking good for L.TeL.   
Still learning the ways of producing beats and trying to get that right sound L.TeL would often use other artists beats to introduce his flow and rhymes.  Sadly after a copy write crackdown on myspace most of L.TeL's songs were deleted and somehow in turn his account had been hacked  so he couldn't access it at all.  Myspace seemed to be a good stepping stone for L.TeL at the time watching artists from Wale to Asher coming up but in the end it turned out not to be time for him.  
In 2007 L.TeL would step a way from trying to promote himself and would instead lock himself a way in the lab working on the production aspect of his music depending on trial and error.  L.TeL would take a jab at promoting again in early 2010 but due to some personal issues following the birth of his first born daughter, Madison, L.TeL would take a step back from his career to care for and support his families needs.
Returning back to work in early 2011 L.TeL would start penning out his album, writing non stop day and night. Later that year L.TeL would start investing into some of his own equipment, little by little over time eventually building his own studio.  Once set up, L.TeL started recording his album Still Underground.  With the album still in production L.TeL decided to release a promo mix before the official release of his album, an introduction if you like.
This promo mix was made in a way for L.TeL to learn how to produce his sound and focused more on the lyrical sounding aspect of his production.  Not really focusing on producing his own beats in this mix, L.TeL wanted to master his sound before venturing into the beat making side of music.  
His album, Still Underground will feature 100% of L.TeL's work.  This promo mix is just a little taste of what's to come from his album, expected for release at the later part of this year (2013)
Music production is no easy thing to master, and that has proven true to L.TeL along the way as he is the sole producer of his music and has learned through trial and error that producing is not easy to learn.  Still having a lot to learn from music production, L.TeL has still bettered his production over the years and it only keeps getting better.
L.TeL decided earlier in his career to take an independent approach to the game, and has always looked forward to completing his dream of running his own record label.  L.TeL currently records everything under his own independent label, L.JWRecords.  
 Working from an independent level is not easy in the music game and requires a lot of time, money and effort to self promote.  So any support you interneters can give on the promotional side of things would be largely appreciated. 
With the realease of his album and a few Mix-tapes looming L.TeL has decided to release his Album promo mix for you all to see.  Still Underground (Promo Mix). 
This mix is just a promotional release and is not intended for any kind of financial gain and was created solely for promotional use.  
The beats used are credited to and it's artists.  
The videos of the songs by L.TeL are solely for listening purposes and do not provide any visual images other than album art.  These videos are what we like to call "Lyrical Videos."
L.TeL will be releasing a new song every week and also has a couple of music and behind the scenes videos coming in the next few weeks.  We wanted to start you off with some music first, so we apologize if you're dissapointed by the lack of video content.  Please be patient, as we will have videos posted soon!
Thanks for coming to L.TeL's channel.  Make sure to leave comments, subscribe etc and L.TeL will hit you back.
L.TeL will be running this channel himself a lot of the time so he will be personly responding  to your comments, messages etc.
Thanks for listening/watching.
It's been a long time coming, and now it's time for the world to see L.TeL !!!
Support the grind.
Album cover art designed and created by Teddy Pavlis.

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