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Hometown Las Vegas, NV
Band Members Blake Pullen - Bagpipes, Vocals, Keys; Kelby Thwaits - ... » more
Achievements Top-10 Top-10
Upcoming Shows None
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Sonic Impulse is an intense and explosive fusion of various musical influences centered around the highland bagpipes. Hard hitting techno and hip-hop beats meet lush, ethereal soundscapes and driving dance rhythms to support innovative bagpipe melodies....







February 2009 Techno
September 2008 Techno/Ambient

If you want intense Celtic music...Sonic Impulse is your band. They hit their audience hard with techno and hip-hop beats, driven by strong bagpipe melodies. The conglomeration of sounds is...

It's great to see a new group take the pipes and melt them with fusion, rock, techno and other world genres to produce a sound that is unique, exciting and fresh. It is therefore our pleasure to...



Technical Requirements

Sound Requirement

• Sound System – A full range system that includes sub bass cabinets. System should be powerful enough to amplify drums, bass, guitar, vocals, bagpipes and dense electronic sounds for the entire audience. 4 wedge monitors and minimum 16 channel mixer
• Microphones - Onstag
Vocals – 3 (Sure SM58’s or something of equal - better quality
Bagpipes – Band provides two wireless Senheisers. BR>Drums – 4 minimum (Kick, Snare and Overheads
Elec. Guitar – 1 (to be used on speaker cabinet
Elec. Bass – 1 (Optional but not necessary)
• Line Level Inputs - Onstage
Sampler/Electronic Playback – 2 (For stereo L R feed
Elec. Bass – 1 (For direct feed from bass head
Elec. Guitar – 1 (For direct feed from guitar head
SFX/Keyboard – 1

Lighting Requirement

• NOTE - Sonic Impulse travels with a mobile lighting set up. The light show involves the use of UV/Blacklight effects, intelligent club style lighting, smoke, haze, and practicals, and can be scaled for venues ranging from smaller clubs/bars to medium size festival stages. All of the instruments are housed in mounts and truss that can sit freely on the stage. No house hang is required. The entire show is triggered and run via midi from a DMX controller that is interfaced with a computer playback system. No additional light board operator is necessary. House lighting and particularly venue owned stage lighting should be extremely dim or completely off during the performance, in order for the full effect of the Sonic Impulse light show to be fully realized by the audience. Power supply - All of the approximately 18 instruments are daisy chained and plugged in via standard Edison connections. An extension chord and one to two Edison power boxes will be sufficient to provide power to all instruments.

Stage setup:
Sonic Impulse also travels with a team of dancers. The amount of dancers onstage varies according to venue, budget, and space. At minimum, two dancers will be utilized at any Sonic Impulse performance. Adequate space for a 3 foot by 3 foot dance platform for each dancer should be accounted for when plotting stage set up.
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