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Portrait of Peter Imoje

Peter Imoje

About Peter Imoje

Lagos, Nigeria

About Peter Imoje

This information is based on the Goth inspired vocalist; Peter Iluobe Imoje(Also known as Eerie Lachrymose). Peter imoje is just a vocalist who is into voice recordings; He is in no way, a well known vocalist. This website honors him, his efforts and his vocals (Voice recordings.)It is already a well known fact that peter imoje has no profile in the music industry he is more of what people would call an “ordinary vocalist who sings as a hobby”;Well it’s totally correct if peter imoje is known that way. Peter imoje sings Goth inspired vocals as a hobby at home; He does that during his leisure time and mostly, when no one is home. Greatly inspired by the Goth rock band, Evanescence, Peter imoje had always loved the Gothic classic medieval style of music. Also inspired by The Classical and Baroque Opera world, Peter imoje loves Opera and baroque music a lot; Composers like Mozart and Operatic singers like Anna Netrebko (Russian Soprano), Michael Maniaci(American Male Soprano)and a whole lot of opera singer
Peter Imoje is The Goth prince of melancholic music. Inspired by the Gothic subculture, Gothic medieval music and classical baroque opera, Peter imoje has always been a key figure in these two ancient genres for over five years. Peter imoje has been into homemade voice recordings since late 2003/04; initially, he began recording his songs using a tape recorder but he only did that for fun and as a favorite hobby. He never planned to record his songs in:”Digital format “and share it with the world. Around middle/late 2004, Peter imoje heard the songs of the heavy metal Goth band, Evanescence. Evanescence inspired peter imoje greatly. The lead vocalist of the band,(Amy lee) inspired peter imoje even more. Around that time also, peter imoje got to know and love other rock bands, some of the rock bands were, The Cranberries, U2, Green Day, Stained, Nickleback and so on. Later on, he knew singers like Vanessa Carlton, Ashlee Simpson, Pink, Eva 0,Creed,Sixpence none the richer, Kelly Clarkson and many many more. Peter Imoje’s greatest inspiration came from Classical Gothic music and Evanescence. Naturally drawn to the medieval gothic culture and style, the introduction to gothic music and classical medieval dark themed songs only rekindled peter imoje’s love for Gothic music more. Peter imoje kept on recording songs with his tape recorder until early 2010(March) when he decided to purchase a digital voice recorder. Around then, Peter imoje’s inspiration from Gothic music and Classical Baroque music was very strong. He decided to purchase a digital recorder because he found out that he just had to share his voice recordings with others and the world and also because he wanted to save his voice recordings for a long time. He found out that tape recordings were a total waste of time, and that he could do nothing with them except listen to them at home alone. Digital recording was therefore the answer Peter imoje has been looking for. With his digital recorder, peter could record his home made vocals in mp3 format, save them and upload them whenever he wanted to. Peter officially began to record his vocals in March 2010 and he recorded over 55 vocals. Presently, Peter imoje has recorded over 112 vocals and now, he plans to share his vocals with the world
None of Peter imoje’s songs were ever recorded in the studio. All of peter imoje’s vocals are raw, dry and in A’cappella form (No musical instruments; Just homemade vocals). Peter imoje’s songs are dark and mournful. Most of his songs express various degrees of sorrow and melancholy; some of which, are due to the evils in the world and most of which are due to various personal and emotional matters he has refused to disclose. Peter’s voice recordings were tagged Gothic because of the unusually dark and eerie nature of the lyrics in most of his vocals. Peter says he never used to write lyrics for most of his songs, he just sings what comes to his heart with passion and most of his thoughts(According to listeners and his friends)are very crude and dark. Peter imoje only has written lyrics for some few songs and these songs too, are dark
Born into a Roman Catholic home, Peter imoje was also greatly inspired by solemn catholic hymns most especially, Lenten hymns and hymns for the dead. Peter Imoje has therefore decided to record songs from the hymn book (Lenten hymns and hymns for the dead). These hymns of the Lenten season (Expressing the sorrows of Christ) and hymns for the dead will further express the Gothic melancholic but Christian nature of peter imoje’s musical style
Also naturally drawn to Classical Medieval Baroque Opera, Peter imoje was greatly inspired by the enchanting operatic singers
Anna Netrebko-Russian Soprano
Michael Maniaci-American male Soprano. And he was also inspired by Mozart and other soprano performers as well as the mezzo-sopranos, contraltos and tenors

More about the Goth Prince of Lacrimosa!!!
Peter imoje( Also known as Eerie Lachrymose), was born on the 12th of September in the early nineties in to the family of sir and late lady Hillary imoje Okhuelegbe. Peter imoje comes from a strong Roman Catholic family; Peter imoje was born in the city of Lagos Nigeria; He is the last born son of his parents being the last born son of four boys, peter imoje has always been close to his three elder brothers and his loving parents.
Peter imoje went to twins nursery and primary school in the early nineties he attended the school with his brothers and his closest friends (their next door neighbors. They lived together.).Peter also attended Renics high school(around 2001-2007)and he also went to the university of Ado-Ekiti (western Nigeria)where he spent his first two years out of a four year course in microbiology, due to the fact that he had his interest in medicine and nursing. Peter imoje had most of his school education in the city of Lagos Nigeria. Apart from education, peter imoje also loved music a lot. Peter imoje was greatly inspired by Gothic music, Opera music (Classical Baroque Opera, Medieval Gothic music, Dark themed music and all sober and gloomy songs. Peter imoje was inspired by singers like Amy Lee of Evanescence, Opera soprano, Anna Netrebko, Male soprano, Michael Maniaci, Mozart and Goth rock stars, Gothic singers and so much more. Peter loves opera and Goth music a lot
it has changed his life a lot. Music was always part of peter.

His Inspiration
Peter Imoje was inspired by Goth music, Baroque Opera, Gothic rock, Gothic poetry, Classical music, Dark themed songs and Horror music and Music.
Some of his favorite artistes include Amy lee of Evanescence, the cranberries, U2, Operatic soprano Anna netrebko, Michael maniaci, Mozart, Vanessa Carlton, Enya, within temptation and so much more. The world of medicine and Nursing has also inspired Peter imoje a lot.
Peter imoje is known by some as the prince of Melancholy, The Gothic melancholic prince of the dark medieval world.
Peter imoje’s vocals are of a dark nature. Inspired by Goth, it’s no surprise that peter imoje’s vocals are dark. But naturally, peter imoje was always drawn to the Gothic subculture and according to him; Goth has made him find a new “niche” for himself among other things this genre has done to him. Peter imoje says that many people may find his voice recordings boring because of the dark and slow nature and mainly because of the A’cappella style except those who love Gothic songs and those who can connect with his songs (voice recordings).
The vocalist says that more of his voice recordings will be out soon. Some of which will include catholic Christian vocals recorded in a Gothic style) and others recorded using a screeching falsetto voice (as a result of inspiration from the soprano singers in medieval baroque classical opera).
Peter imoje’s Gothic style and unique vocals will continue to dominate this unique Gothic world of vocals; it’s left for all those who are interested in this rare world to find it out.
Peter imoje’s sounds are quite dry unaccompanied by musical instruments or studio mixing (none of his vocals were ever recorded in a studio). His voice has a thick low soaring melancholic sound that brings forth the Gothic medieval classic like sound; his falsetto even if its screeching and disturbing, still has a “classic touch” to it; soaring to the low alto/mezzo range, and then back to the low rich sound of his modal note; Peter imoje truly has the Gothic classical sound embedded in him; you just need to find it out yourself.














The Goth inspired vocalist, Peter imoje records his latest vocals (voice recordings), which centers on emotional darkness and sorrows, this year. His latest production also includes Roman Catholic hymns gotten from the Lenten season which reflects the passion and sorrows of our lord Jesus Christ. Other hymns also include Latin requiem hymns, hymns for the dead and hymns to our mother Mary.

Peter imoje has produced more homemade voice recordings this year (2012), than any other year. Various corrections as regards to some of his voice recordings have also been made this year, which also resulted to Peter having to record some of his previously released voice recordings again.

Doing this has resulted to various duplicates of the same songs (Voice recordings), in which the vocal notes used in one song was different than the vocal key used in the same song which was corrected and recorded all over again. Most of the songs (voice recordings) Peter imoje had to correct mainly had errors in their lyrics; while some had few errors which could still relate to the songs, others  had major errors which had to be changed immediately. Most of the errors came from SONGS ORIGINALLY DONE BY, EVANESCENCE, THE CRANBERRIES, VANESSA CARLTON, KELLY CLARKSON, DOLLY PARTON, PINK and ENYA, which peter imoje recorded in his own way and made his own because of the love and interest he had in these singers.

Peter imoje mentions that Most of the errors in his lyrics came from songs he took from Evanescence, followed by the songs he took from the cranberries and so on.

Peter imoje still mentions that he would share the songs with the erroneous lyrics on youtube and some Mp3 websites just for RECORD PURPOSES AND MEMORIES TO LAUGH ABOUT IN THE NEAREST FUTURE. The corrected version of most of the erroneous songs would definitely be published online, so, everything he has recorded would be published and shared with the world.

There are so many voice recordings peter imoje has made; therefore, according to the vocalist, he still has a lot of work to do on his voice recordings, talking about editing some mistakes in some of his recorded vocals and uploading them.

2012 is certainly a bitter sweet year for the vocalist, as well as a “work filled year” for him.

There is news about the vocalist as regards to his voice.

According to peter imoje, he says HE HAS A FEELING THAT HE IS LOSING HIS VOICE.

Peter imoje reports that he is losing the ability to sing freely and easily. He says he’s losing not only the freshness of his voice, but the will to sing also. According to him, he does not know the main reason why, but he mentions the fact that his shy nature presents itself psychologically each time he wants to sing his favorite song. He mentions that each time he starts recording a song he really needs to concentrate on, he becomes anxious and kind ‘a shy to hit some notes and apply some beautiful twists to the vocals because he knows he has to be perfect in the song. He says that the shy feeling and anxiety he has about the song he wants to sing reduces the ability to perform that song to the fullest. According to peter, it’s a mild psychological case. Apart from that, peter imoje feels he needs to go for a vocal cord check up. He says that he can’t use his voice as efficiently as he did before. These things began to manifest themselves recently. Peter imoje reports this issue with a little bit of shock and a whole lot of


Despite the bad news about peter imoje’s vocals, peter imoje still wishes to sing more songs. He says he’s still going to make more voice recordings, till he actually wishes to stop.

“ill use my voice the way it comes. In different styles and in crazy weird ways if need be (laughs)” he says.

2012 is pretty cool for peter imoje.

We look forward to his latest voice recordings.



More About The Artist

Portrait of Peter Imoje
Peter Imoje